Parental Alienation is child abuse

per-əntāl   ā-lē-ə-ˈnā-shən 

Parental Alienation is the systematic manipulation of a child, by an adult, into actions and thoughts that serve the purpose of the manipulator/alienator.  Edward Kruk, Ph.D, describes how Parental Alienation is abusive and violent.

If you have been alienated, we would like to hear about it.


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Parental Alienation, what is it? Why is it happening to me? Is it legal? What can I do? If you're like most people and have more questions than answers, hopefully this website will help you find the answers you are looking for.

When Mothers Lose Custody

When fathers alleged mothers were alienating, regardless of abuse claims, they took custody away from her 44% of the time. Read more here.

Are Alienators Narcissists?

Jeffrey shares his expriences with Susan Heitler Ph.D.  If you think you are being alienated Read more here.

Parental Alienation is Not A Game

It’s very difficult to know how to respond when you’re former spouse is alienating your children from you. Read more here.

Children need both parents in their lives.

Parents play an irreplaceable role in the lives of their children. The right of parents to maintain a strong involvement in their children’s lives has been continually upheld by Supreme Court doctrine.

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As Parents, we Owe it to Our Children

Parental Alienation is considered child abuse and the cases of Parental Alienation have been increasing in divorce cases.  Edward Kruk writes a very compelling article that shows that alienated children will side with the alienator in order to avoid conflict, much like abducted children do with their tormentors.

Parents Who Have Been Alienated

Let us know if you have been alienated, share with us your story so we may all learn from each other.

I have been alienated from my son for over 3 years now. It is very difficult to deal with and I am always looking for resources.
Calliope Grey
Reading articles on how to deal with Parental Alienation has helped me tremendously. You are not alone is right!
Heather Aldo
These kinds of things just don't happen...but they do, and there are resources that can help you get through it!
John Adams

“If a parent wants to destroy the other parent using the kids, they’re mentally ill.”

Wall of Inspiration & Hope

Be true to yourself and your children!

Parental Alienation is constant trauma to the targeted parent.

Take the time to better yourself in these dark times, you can’t be there for your children if you are not taking care of yourself!

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