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Here are a collection of resources that I have found very useful in my journey and struggles with Parental Alienation.  If you have some you would like to share please send them my way!

Thank you!

Divorce Poison

Dr. Richard A. Warshak tells you how it is!  If you are beng alienated I strongly encourage you to read his book.  The most important thing in your life is your relationship with your children and Dr. Warshak provides you with proven strategies to help you through this really difficult time.  We know that Parental Alienation destroys the loving relationship that was once there, arm yourself with the tools to make you succeed.

Dr. Richard A. Warshak

Parental Alienation Support and Information Solution

This Facebook Group page is an amazing resource!  I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about Parental Alienation to become a member.  I will be honest here, I was lost, I had so many questions with no answers and even more questions.  This Facebook Group has given me direction.  You are not alone in your fight!  We are one!

Parental Alienation T-Shirt

Spread awareness of Parental Alienation!  There are so many people that have NO idea this exists let alone what it is.  I myself didn’t know this kind of stuff even exists.


This is a fabulous book!  It does have a workbook if you wanted to get that as well.  This book by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend describes techniques of how we all can learn how to and where to draw boundaries. Not just in our marriages, or divorces, but in everyday life with our friends and co-workers.  We see how quickly people can take advantage of you for the good things that you do and you eventually have absolutely no more ‘me’ time.  Take the time to read this book as I am sure you will benefit just like I did.

Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

Tons Of Videos On YouTube

Parental alienation is domestic violence and child abuse. The alienator triangulates the child into a cross-generational coalition against the target. The child is enmeshed with the alienator and caries out the malicious badmouthing campaign at the target, convincing others.

A Kidnapped Mind

How do we begin to describe our love for our children? Pamela Richardson shows us with her passionate memoir of life with and without her estranged son, Dash. From age five Dash suffered Parental Alienation Syndrome at the hands of his father. Indoctrinated to believe his mother had abandoned him, after years of monitored phone calls and impeded access eight-year-old Dash decided he didn’t want to be “forced” to visit her at all; later he told her he would never see her again if she took the case to court.

Pamela Richardson